Saturday, April 2, 2011


Is it all gone, I ask?
Is it really all gone?
Time is running past
I am left aghast
Standing against time.
Tides wash by
In currents, so fast.

I have been standing here
At the same spot
For a year
Despite all negatives
And a heart full of fear.
I have been here
Very much here.

Moments I relive
In our undefined realm
Of songs unsung
Tunes unharped ...
Yet moments shared
As the Divine governs
On our speechless lips.

Our eyes never failed
To convey the unspoken
A hidden smile
Barely noticed
Shining faces
A golden glow of happiness
Untouched by the world.
Purity in its purest form.

Where does our story go?
Time flies in mirthless tides
Eyes dont see and facts dont match
And in a strange blade we catch
Your hands locked in else's hand.

Heart and love seem like quicksand
Move On,You Fool!
Rages the spectator stand.
A strange pure belief lurks so ...
Unbelieving and a confused doe
I look at mine and your distant hand ...
And in the same spot still I stand.

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