Friday, April 8, 2011

Lost Words

I know you have gone
A thousand seas apart
I know I have within
Just a broken heart;
I know I cannot say
The words three
Be with me
Just be with me.

Through stances
Weird advances
Through moments
Surprised and glen
Through words
Terse unaffected
Rude rough and plain,
I cannot make a wish
For sweetness and cheer
I live by the seas
In constant loss and fear.

I close my eyes
In sweet remembrance
Of moments past and gone
As I step into the silences
Discarded and forlorn.

I know you dont care
Neither even pretend
I know you are a lot busy
And have a lot to tend.

I know it never meant value
Not a single day
It was all a joke of fate
An unlucky foray.

If I could I would
Break the silence
With a verbose spree
And sing aloud in a sweet voice
Be with me
Just be with me.

1 comment:

  1. Let him be, just let him be. You need you to paint you blue with love and smiles. Wait for your red sunshine to arrive, armed with a paintbrush and your portrait to get inspiration from.