Monday, January 31, 2011

City chorus

i stand alone by the pavements
and watch my city flow by
my heartless city
my city of joy
where are you now
where will you be when i
find myself locked away in
the past tense after some time
some lives and moments later?

i seek refuge in farmville fields
and till some lands, fertilise them
tend my animals
and collect gifts and valentines
from my mailbox and Cupid's castle
i'm pretty as a princess here
and have no cares in the world
i leave you my city for a virtual farm

my small town
my large trees and scattered traffic
honking rickshaws and
blaring cars
chilled mornings and dusky lusts
migratory birds filling these skies
my desire to live life

You have given me lots
my dirty city
a lot of experience and emotions
a lot of throbs and smiles
you have returned to me lost faith
belief, destiny and love
poems and creations
secrets and melodies
my wonder woman
my joyous company
pockmarked beauty
and a romantic damsel

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

chander dheu

Chander srot bhese jae
nirob nodir garo goponio ta chhue.
Ami chhip fele bose thaki
majh doriyae
akta sopno dhorar akankhae.
Chander guro guro alo rupoli
spordha makhiye dae machher gae,
tara khele jae dheu-r niche,
kono gurho nihitarther moto.
Sopno othey na borshi te,
thirthir kore mogno hawa
shudu sporsho kore jae.
Shobdo hoe otha shorir chhue
Chander srot boye jae.

Lonely Hour

This is I guess my lonely hour
as I touch the wind and try to feel
the moistness beneath your calm.
I look around with empty eyes
as you submerge within the nothingness.
A hint of being, a dreg of hope
is all I lust for.
For the second coming.
I feel you gone and perhaps
this is the end of something
burnt and bred and moulded and shaped
and chiselled and framed and painted
with a thousand raging colours
flooded with passion and intimacy.
O why do I hope? Why do I dream?
For another beginning somewhere?
After an existence with mortal wounds
A drop of peace and honest acceptance,
of whoever I am, whatever I am, a caricature,
incomplete and stupid, lazy and imperfect.
But then, I am scared and fear again
the ending close by and all gone.
It doesnt matter however as some words
can only give, and not expect to receive.
I can only hope to be hypnotised again.
I guess this is my lonely hour
A mind in deja vu
Touching collages of so many songs
and an unusual little story.

Little girl, little girl, where have you been?
I have been to London to look at the Queen.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meeting Her

She was waiting for me. As soon I laid my eyes on her from a distance I could see her waiting patiently, yet an anxious eagerness filled her grey body as she mildly smiled in the orange sunlight around her. The sun spread his powdered gold on her slow waves and the light caressed her softly with intense love. I went closer to her and she smiled affectionately. She held me in a light embrace with her winds that touched me and soothed my face. I surrendered to her calm invitation. Water was lapping the last step of the ghaat. I went down to the very end and sat on the dried earth that had come with the waves and settled on the bricks. Ganga was flowing by. Pieces of plastic, bottles and other crap were floating down her body and she wore a very dirty colour but still she was pretty, like a woman in love, like a mother. I smiled at her. She was beckoning me into her lap. I went close to her and dipped my feet into her waters. My feet instanty felt the chill of her cold caresses. As if she is so eager, so intent to absorb all the heat in my body and cool me down, give me peace and calm. The cold waters absorbed my feet in their magical adulations. I looked at them. They seemed so happy, as if finally they have found a place to absolve their grim sorrows. A place where they can tell their complaints and grieve over things that cannot be undone. And they slowly lost their heat in the charming coldness. I stared at my own happy feet. For the first time in my entire life, they seemed beautiful to myself. As if they have been loved by the soft waves. Through the water I saw them, resting at perfect peace. The river has cleaned it of all its tired pains and has kissed it with new vigor and beauty. The waves began to rise above the steps now. They crept above my feet and slowly climbed up my legs. Jowar has come. Tides.

Old lady, you have been flowing for ages, for thousands of years. You have been part and parcel of so many stories, of so many lives through hundreds of years. You have touched the shores of almost half India. You have been worshipped, used, molested, cleansed and discarded yet loved and praised. Mother of half the civilization of India; witness and party to history, you flow by with nonchalance and perfect poise. Yet you have broken homes and flooded villages, drowned them all and created something somewhere else. Maker and destroyer. Vaishnavi and Shivangi – patit pavni Ganga. Industrial waste bearer Ganga, an essential way of purgation – your waters – and herein I dip my feet – dirty Ganga, pure Ganga.

I picked up my feet after a long long time and looked at them. They have turned fairer I found and were glistening in the wet sunlight. Red nailpolish adorned my feet in a suhagan way. As if its Ganga who had painted my nails with a lot of care and suhag. I felt like a bride whose feet has been dipped in mehendi or alta before her first grihaprabesh into her new home. And the wet foot marks are supposed to be a ceremonial entrance into a new life. I smiled at my own footprints on the dry steps. Ganga has soothed me, calmed me deep inside and thrown me into a trance. As I had dipped my feet into her waves, I had become a part of her history, her many stories and her essential being. I have Ganga inside me now. Born on Ganga-puja day, my dida always said I belong to her, I am her boon. She has blessed me today and washed my feet, decked them and sent me back to land -- to start a new life, a new tryst; like a daughter to on her bridal journey to an unknown destiny that has been so carefully bred in dreams.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Bhetor theke shara jage
Dhoni othe buker majhe
Jokhon bhoy pabar kotha
Hridoye tokhon madol bajey.

Sesh hocce prohor ebar
Ghonta bujhi bajlo jore
Tokhon emon elopathar
Golpo elo rokto bhore.

Hiyar majhe sur utheche
janina ta kano bajey,
Ayna prohor gunche chokhe,
Chuler majhe apni sajey.

Srot eseche mora gange,
jibon bhore plabon aney.
Prem eseche
Dukul bhore
Akash jure tarar bani.
Kokhon elo ki ba jani?

Sedin jano asche kache
Orna dhaka hridoy nache.
Hoyto sob-e oleek maya
Hoyto sob-e kaler chhaya.

Mon manena, mon manena
Shudhui jani asche se din.
Nirobota sur tuleche
ochin desher pakhi hoe.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Animals and us

They fought over pieces of food
in the garbage cans
or beside open drains.
They fought over love and rites
or rights of mating their choice.
They fought over group territories
they claim their own to protect
food sources and shelter areas.
They fought. They didnt kill.
They preyed for food not malice.
They shoved brothers away for
mother's milk and then licked eachother.
They are animals
despicable creatures.
God's low creations
No intelligence
No intellect
Primitive drives.
Look at today's newspaper
or yesterdays'
or tomorrows'
People licking each other's blood.
Politics they say
violence communalism
hatred they say.
Animals, they say.
Animals? Who?
Voices in my head scream
Call me an animal lover
I hate my human identity

To U

If u give me candies on an
ice-cream night and then
frame my delight in a half real
dream, u should also be
in the candy floss that floats
like sugary clouds on the skies.

I look around with curious eyes
and find some chocolates lying around
packed with care and bright hues,
yet scattered without an address.

I look up at the silver moon
and smile through my hoody
and ask her, hey whats up?
She laughs back and showers
some stars down on me.

I look up to the rainbow
glittering in its own hues
and I ask, will u fade away?
Gotta go he said with a smile,
I have my own little Doll waiting.

I look down, a bit confused
but then thats the way things shall be
I have to wake up from my
little slumber soon and u shall
laugh on my poor little face.
U too have ur own fancy Doll
safe on ur bosom, somewhere in ur heart.
Twin smirks for dear me.

As of now, I can fly around
with my fluffy pink Cupid's wings
and bloom like a small bud among
cherished colours and laughters
that touch one's soul deep down.

Chocolate butterflies touch my fingers
As I weave nets of sunshine
around my gardens of Valentines'.
Before u break the glass and leave
Come, sit with me for a while.

A nice song

Amar swapno jure tui
R tor chintara sudhui
Ghure firee jachhe barebar
R kono rasta nei amar,
Bolna tor dohaii, prem vasai kon joley?
Oh my love Adurey alap
Chhuye tor anchole elam boley
Be my love
Ekta golap
Chupi saare rekhe gelam tor koley

Sukheri chadore roderi ador pathiyechi tor namey
Chaderi aloke rupoli palok rakha aache nil khame.

Tor uttoreri aashay prosnora chinnho vule jay
Abeger byasto parapar,
R kono rasta nei amar
Bolna tor dohai prem vasai kon joley?

Moneri dewale khamoka kheyale aanki buki tor chobi.
Jagiye chole jaa tobu to bole ja kobe re amar hobi.

Tor uttoreri ashay
Proshnora chinno vule jay..
Abeger byasto parapar
R kono rasta nei amar
Bolna tor dohai, prem vasai kon joley?

Oh my love .......

Every time I feel u... (Be my love)
Every time I love u... (Be my love)

I just wanna die in your arms
O my love.....

Song : Oh My Love
Singer : Kunal Ganjawala
Film: Amanush

Saturday, January 22, 2011


They float on the air like feathers
of cotton seeds that have come from
distant lands, looking for someone
they can rest on and choose to give.
You send them my way so carefully,
stealthily and so very aware of the
effect they have on me and you.
They whisper softly into my lips
what you havent yet thought of
and what remains unspoken
yet understood and covered
under honeymild smiles loosely spread
across bright sunlit faces hidden
behind some stupid little excuse or prop.
The air fills with unexplained sparks
as I smile to myself and pray silently.
Those moments, packed with delicious care
and some earnest yearnings,
touch my soul as I feel like a rose.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


(For the lady who barely gets a chance to talk when i start my chirping .... and who has recently adopted him too)

You are that magic girl whom God has made with that special smile and the very motherly tender eyes -- those eyes I can always find my place in and open my heart to. Are you a friend? Nah.

You were my daughter when we were born last time, thats why you are my mamma this time, to repay my love with your ocean of kindness and understanding and support.

There is a reason why they say Mothers are god's gifts. You are made by God for His little awkward children like me. I have had you and there is a special reason why even my own ma is happy with the motherer I have received at a critical juncture of my life.

You have filled an empty childhood that had left me dry and scared. It had left me alone, bullied, threatened and desperate for parental care and some love ... but none. Loneliness stabs me inside. and now I am happy again ... your happy baby.

This post I have written for you, as this is my place, my own place, close to my heart, and I am paying my tribute to the sweet sweet girl who's name is Humility and Kindness. I am happy to be your amri baby. You tell me everyday that you love me. Today its my turn. I pay my tribute to the little lady who has given me 2 yrs of my childhood back.

PS: I know you love me. You couldnt help it, could you? How could you? I am that irresistible. Even your dog loves me. And LOVES me actually. Goja had a first sight love for me. As if goto jonme oi amar bhai chilo. Attitude tao orokomi dae. It is curious how male behaviour in love and affection follows similar pattern for men and animals both. Khub bhalobasbe abar bhab ta dekhabe as if 'do i know you? I am the man. Yes I know you adore me. You are supposed to." Men!!! (Or dogs, for that matter !!!) But I love both of you.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Jodi bolo
chole jao
tomar hiya kande

Jodi bolo
k tumi?
tomar ankhi bhashe

Jodi bolo
tomar arto chitkar

Jodi bolo
tumi bhalobasho

Jodi bolo
tumi ashte chao

Jodi chokh tolo
ami pore nite pari

Jodi bolo
bhalo ki bashi?
ami jani