Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hearts Don't Lie

The mild increase in the beats
The unknown rhythm in the feet
The cheery light in mind
Is really one of it's kind,
And though reasons may try
Your emotions defy,

No, our Hearts don't lie.

A sleepy little girl
Dreams of someone lost
Over days he flies just in
And speaks to her serene
She knows its just a dream
But her mind doesn't defy,

No, Hearts don't lie.

An estranged soul wonders
If the sailors have forgotten
The land they loved by
The anchors were addressed
His mind fears the loss
But love does all defy,

No, Hearts don't lie.

The clouds play a game
They whitely spell a name
And puts it on the blue
Bold strong and true.
They know he will it find
For eyes kiss the mind.
And none do love defy,

Dear, Hearts never lie.

Monday, July 18, 2011


I saw him in the water
The clear water of the stream
And loved his image
I saw the clarity in his eyes
And the truth in his heart
I knew he could love

He could be trusted and felt
A warmth seeped through my heart
As I saw that image in the water
Shy elated breathing heavy
Or was it the rippling of the
Clear water mirroring him?

Was it mirroring him?
Who was he? A nymph?
A fairy tale? Shadow of my mind?
A breath in the wind?
A part of me?

A frog jumped in the water
And he rippled away
Like an old wives tale
Leaving me unwise, in pain.
Shall the water bring him back
Draw his image again?

Shall he look and find me here
Shall he miss my eyes?
Shall I know that he was here
Shall he know my sighs?

Shall he know I had him so
Had him in my thought
Shall I know if he did care
His heart wants me or not?

O water, o water
Image bearer, hold me in your arms
Let him come and stare in you
And see my rippling charms.

Let him come in these woods
And find myself in here
Water water take me in
Hold my face so clear.

Ripple above O lovely rain
I sink in soft tears
Let him come and find me here
Where the air allures.

The image had held him
Imprisoned in glee
Now I drown and set him free.
Let him come and seek me now
In the cool water's brow.

O love, O love, you tell him then
To find me next
In the flowery glen
To take me close in the next birth be
Where it would be me and he.