Friday, September 9, 2011


Shadows of sunflowers
Kiss her face, as
Light beams in from my window.
A glass window
A fragment of my soul
Kisses her face.
My window connects
The eternal to within
And light floods in,
Streams in with bliss.
Filtered gold through the petals.
My windows
Open the soul with a kiss.

Narcissus 2

In the realm of water deep I ope my lid.
The cool touch on my nude skin shivers
In expectancy and an unknown bliss.
A moonsome stone lies on my bosom
Throbbing with the rythmic pains of life.
The white corals spread their skeletal blooms
And enthrall my feet so soft and eager
I swim my way through the colours of blue
And gather on my hair some hues of wish.
I smile and lock in my eyes the sight
Of corals, oysters, shells and fish.
He shall he will come I know,
When I call for him who lives aland.
The curls that I will make of white
Dreams stringed in a cloudy garland.
He lives ashore in shredded gloom
And plays a flute so sad and lost.
I steal for him visions of life
Away from the earthly holocaust.
He shall, as I, end up here
At Narcissus' gold mine.
A poets peace, a lover's soul,
And for us --- a shelter divine.