Sunday, March 27, 2011

Love, Destiny and Blood

I am a little blind mouse
Living on a wide chess board
And scuttling across the grid
With all might I can afford.

He sits across the table
With a playmate, like a kid;
He plays with her my Destiny
Placing my fate on a lid.

My eye of love is the bet
Dirty, old and blind
They pick me up by my tail
And place me as assigned
On a black or white
For all I know
I am so deadly blind.

My little heart is pawned next
As quivering cold I stand
He laughs and plans his next move
And picks me up on a hand.

A cold steel blade I feel next
Beside my red little heart
I know not who won who lost
Neither the game's fair start.

They threw my little body away
In a rotting garbage can
On a blotted chessboard
Lay my heart
And the garbage was picked by a van.

They reveled in the funny game
And in high spirits made love
My heart gave out spurts of blood
As my eyes appeared Above.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Nocturnal Abhishar

Clusters of stars spread across the night
Like a necklace of diamonds torn and
Scattered like drops of water dripping
From her freshly bathed wet hair
Fragrant and mystic like the black spells
Of tanvi ratri, the sorceress of desire.

I can hear your songs on the night air
As you breathe deep in the nostalgia
Of the moments we have lived together
And woven a basket of well loved time.
What do you sing, O musician? My bird?
I can hear the sweet music of your rhyme.

There comes the charmer of the night
My beloved thief with the sword of moon
A careless whistle on his lips, so well tuned,
He comes stealthily to seize my dreamless sleep,
Pick all the scattered diamonds of the dark night
And stud them on my skin, lit up with sparkling stars.
Wet hair welcome his eager face into a shanth embrace.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

the sea-man

a wide old sea
and a stupid man
a stupid man was he
who knew not how
nor knew not who
knew not when was he
brought along to the sea shore
and made to live there he.
a wide blue sea
full of songs and
full of saga be
the stupid old man
was found therein
amidst the deep blue sea.
the sea the man
the man the sea
a stupid sea was he
that he loved himself
and not the sea
a part of who was he.
the wide old sea
and the lost man
such insane was he
he knew not how
he knew not why
love anyelse than he.
a stupid man
a silly man
loved by the sea.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Prothom Bristi

Abesh bhore bristi elo andhar alo mekhe

Jabe bujhi kon konner chokhe te jol rekhe

Dupur belae andhar khelae akash galo dheke

Bristi elo jhomjhomiye shukno mati dekhe.

Shohor tokhon bhijche vorey joler akul gaane

Dogdho hoa dupur bhashe kaker kalo snane.

Bristi elo hurmuriye thanda hawa beye

Janala dhore bhijche tokhon akti kalo meye.

Pagol hawa joriye takey korche matamati

Tar mukh bhije jae bristi hawae,ekla khelar sathi.

Bristi fota, jhaak bedhey sob asche dole dole

Chhobe j tar somosto ta, bhijiye debar chhole.

Dheur pore dheu utheche bristir jhake jhake

Akla meye ka k khojey adim megher faakey?

Bristi bhashey tar buke teo onno kothao bose

Hoyto sheo bhijche eka emoni abeshe.

Tar chokhe te kar mukh aj bhashey bristi bhorey?

Kalo meyer hridoy jurey brishti namey jorey.

Brishti bheja chul beye tar namey joler sur

Bristi bheja shohor tokhon joler neshae chur.

Bristi elo bristi elo bristi jhake jhake

Dui prante dui ti manush joler chhobi akey.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Leprachaun's Gold

A pot of gold
heaped like love
dazzling, rich and precious
singing of dreams
sparkling visions of luxury
Luck lust love loy
A pot of golden joy

Golden coins heaped
like leaves of autumn
spread on a bed of smiles
Chunks of yellow metal
all shapes and size
gleaming like desires
of a fresh beginning.

Gold that vanishes
Leprachaun's gold
O Godly demon
of desires unperishable
and dreams that mislead.
whose wealth were you?
whose love were you?

Hoping against hope
in a sea of grey losses
raging waves of despair
watery eyes searching for light.
a drop of yes somewhere
an acceptance possibly?
Hoping against hope

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Aayna ki sotti kotha bole?
Koto gulo bochhor periye galo
Ajo eka lorai kore jacchi nijer sathe.
Tumi chhile, tobu to chhile go.
Hoyto oshantite, mitthye obhijoge
Opomane o bistirno teekto tae,
Tobu to chhile.
Tobe ki bhul korlam kichu?
Ato gulo bochhor aksathe,
Maniye nebar chesta ofuran
Bhalobeshe cholar sudirgho chesta
Gochhano songshar, sopno
Kintu sonman diley na, morjada.
Sorir k sorir chhonde melae
Icchera sobsomoy mukh chene na.
Amaro hoyto bhul chilo onek
Tobu chesta chilo, biswas koro.
Nijer shotta k bishorjon ditey r
Parini, dewale theke jaoa peeth,
R kichu griho-bondi chitkar.
Divorce paper-e shoi dite giye
Bhetor ta kede uthechilo,
Kintu tokhon r pechhobar upay nei.
Tumie to gacho hariye,
Amar bhalobashar sei jon.
Prem tuku khujte chai ajo
Kintu somosto tumi'r arale aj se r nei.
Somporke ami r nei jano?
Tomar r sondhano nei kichu.
Khub kanna pae kokhono kokhono,
Sei sopno gulor chhaya der dekhe.
Bhalo ki bashi ajo tomae?
Na, shudhu dukkho hoy tomar jonne,
Nijer jonne, amader mitthye tukur jonne.
Aayna sotti bole na, jano?
Ami ajo atke achi kothao,
Aj theke koto koto bochhor ager ami te.
Majhkhaner ei somporko
Ak obhiggota, khoto o nishwo ta.
Bhalo theko.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Crazy wildernesses along a brazen wall
Two eyes, intoxicated
Burning with an insane desire
To light up in dense fire
among the dark wildernesses.
Spectral fireflies, a lonesome moon
lapping up the silvery waters
dipped in lusty moonlight
spreading her wings in full.
Broken glass, scattered petals
of blood orchids and white blossom.
Rolling along dew wet grass
soiled feet and empty skin,
Black wings of night shading
the trees in secret conversation
soft whispers of the leafy caresses.
Painful idiocies left behind.
Stark reality changes realms.
Shades of cumbersome toils
left behind like decency and sunrays.
A never ending sojourn
Steams of visual illusions
Sensory hallucinations
And a burning under the skin
on silent nights and heavy air
palpitating in the fragrance of aamer-bol.
Wilderness and wild fervours.