Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Nocturnal Abhishar

Clusters of stars spread across the night
Like a necklace of diamonds torn and
Scattered like drops of water dripping
From her freshly bathed wet hair
Fragrant and mystic like the black spells
Of tanvi ratri, the sorceress of desire.

I can hear your songs on the night air
As you breathe deep in the nostalgia
Of the moments we have lived together
And woven a basket of well loved time.
What do you sing, O musician? My bird?
I can hear the sweet music of your rhyme.

There comes the charmer of the night
My beloved thief with the sword of moon
A careless whistle on his lips, so well tuned,
He comes stealthily to seize my dreamless sleep,
Pick all the scattered diamonds of the dark night
And stud them on my skin, lit up with sparkling stars.
Wet hair welcome his eager face into a shanth embrace.


  1. this is really very heart touching poem by you ....liked each n every bit of it ......:)

  2. khub sundor, ekgada kotha mone hochhe, ekta boli "a careless whistle on his lips" reminded me of"ei rat tomar amar, ei chand tomar amar" nd one more thing,"tanviratri, sorceress of desire" eta kotha theke pali, i hcnt heard of it before. boro valo hoye che re.:)