Friday, April 29, 2011


She has flown over his garden
And loved his pretty flowers
She had sung to his rivers
That she couldnt see but hear
She saw the luxuriant flowers
She couldnt smell them
And blamed it on her tiny nose
She loved the pretty colours
Flashy and charming, vibrant, vigorous
Passionate with secret hopes.
Only she couldnt smell them.
She only thought she could.
Now that the sun is up, high and hot
The flowers have started melting
Plastic petals
False freshness
Putrid passions
Soulless sojourn

She has been mocked at by cruelty.
The joke was on her.
He had lied so dry, so fake.
She has learnt
Even eyes can lie
Even love can die.

So she flew away
And he couldnt sneer anymore

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Torn Leaves

At times,I find no way around me. A strange darkness encompasses all senses. As if a black velvet enshrouds my consciousness and wraps me up in utter despair. So helpless,so utterly helpless and weak. I remember you then,recall some fleeting moments that had whizzed by in a delirious delicious whisper. I rememory you. You ....

where are you? how are you? ofcourse you have been happy. you are so much luckier and you are worth it. you are worth all the joys and success in life. no, you are not perfect. you never were. and so, I loved you. you,with your baby face that expressed the dire need to be cuddled,held close. your eyes that showed the belief that the world is a wonderful place,full of strange things ... alice in wonderland. you love your hair. the frame of you, the silhouette of a happy child, pampered and spoilt. somewhere within you, a fountain seeking release. a person whose emotions showed on the face, the very bodily expressions. no, your efforts to hide them weren't very effective.

i wish i could have some yellow flowers. bright and yellow,soft and lively. may be with some white small flowers in between. or just a bunch of sunflowers. i would hold them close, close to my heart. i would sprinkle some water on them to make them look like dews. some cold air,fresh and wet,blowing within my mind. I absolutely adore yellow flowers. I believe the orange-red Gulmohars are simply majestic.the King of flowers.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

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Dry Love

Close your eyes sweetheart
And breathe out your worries.
Let yourself go ...
Tenderly my love
Shall I hold you in my arms
And offer you the calm of my air.
Flowers of purity shall shower
Their petals on the bliss of our togetherness.
Close your eyes my darling
And make our dreams your joy
I shall be with you forever
Till death does deploy
His magnificient art to pull us apart,
But fail he shall, my love, fail he will.

How meaningless these feelings seem
Now that you are not there,
Now that you have left me alone
Among such claustrophobic darkness.
And you will never come back
Nor seek love, nor peace, nor me, ever ...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I bathe in a bowl of strawberries
And dry myself with ice
I drink your love on my skin
And kiss the stars sprinkled above.
I hold on tight to the crystal streams
As milk swirls around
And covers me in delicious cream.
One touch of me on your tongue
The fragrance embraces you
With love, delight, perfection.
Roses can smile and offer you excitement
I only fulfill and drown you in Ecstasy.
You are but a glass of dry dreams
Ready to break at a single crush
Drink my peace, my solace
I am your life.

New Post

Fuck off bitch!
Do not come near me.
Dirty hag, witch.
Fuck me, honey
Give me your soft sins!
Swirling of tongues
Opened thighs????
Curses, slitting nerves
Menstrual discharges
Disposed like foetus
Cries at midnight
Lonely cries
Cries of ecstacy
Or wrenching pain
Stay out
Stay OUT
Do not read into the words
Do not go near her
She's poison
God's scorpion
Masturbate your desires

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The Call

Ao ao khel dekho
Madari ka khel dekho
Dekho dekho aur dekho
Madari ka khel dekho

Burnt tongues
Walking on ropes
Piercing chests
Broken utensils
Aluminium clangs
Nonplussed faces
Wondering eyes
Little monkeys
Death due in three weeks
Skinny puppies
Lal zari ka topi
Clitter clatter clitter
Dance for your life
God laughs at the fun
Village circus
Death death death

Madari ka khel dekho
Madari ka Khel dekho
Madari ka khel ---------

Monday, April 18, 2011

Stranded ... Writhing

(The Last Child of Hamelin Sings to the Pied Piper)

O Piper
why do my eyes see you
in the most dreamiest of dreams?
why do you reside in every
frame and fragment of my
montage, in golden streams?
have you not seen my face
and pitied my stupidity
have you not seen my eyes
and forgiven my sweet insanity?
i ran away
trust me, i did try
and i dont know why
i have become Alice
running at the same place
without a slight displacement.
O Piper
you live beyond the rainbow bridge
and leave me alone to wonder
do you still wait under starry skies
and sing of heart's passionate cries?
do you still kiss drenched leaves
as the heart full of love heaves?
do you still search for silver shores
(do you care about me anymore?)
words beyond unspoken words
and silence that sighs
our memories
arrested in deep dark eyes.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Valentine's Day

Upon a lilac field
Covered in pollen grains
They come walking
Towards a grave.

Soft petals
Caress their feet
And drench their colours
With skin.
Dark lilacs
Flowers of sin.

Folded in union
From head to toe
Stomachs stuffed inside
Skin tightened
Beyond sufference
Cracks appear behind.

A complete O
Orgasmic circle?
A painful hole
Within ...
Torn cardiac muscles.
Crushed lilacs bleed.

Beauty is a trade of time
Love,a prostitution of dreams
With fake words to lust.
Love, a dreadful sin.
Lilacs dig into the flesh
And kill all innocence
Within ...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lost Words

I know you have gone
A thousand seas apart
I know I have within
Just a broken heart;
I know I cannot say
The words three
Be with me
Just be with me.

Through stances
Weird advances
Through moments
Surprised and glen
Through words
Terse unaffected
Rude rough and plain,
I cannot make a wish
For sweetness and cheer
I live by the seas
In constant loss and fear.

I close my eyes
In sweet remembrance
Of moments past and gone
As I step into the silences
Discarded and forlorn.

I know you dont care
Neither even pretend
I know you are a lot busy
And have a lot to tend.

I know it never meant value
Not a single day
It was all a joke of fate
An unlucky foray.

If I could I would
Break the silence
With a verbose spree
And sing aloud in a sweet voice
Be with me
Just be with me.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Boddo prem korte icche korche aj.
Se ki re? Tor prem pacche naki?
Jotto baje kotha. Prem korbi ki na bol.
Aj hotat?
Ummmmm... Emni
Gorom hoe acho bujhi?
Akta chor khabi.
Sorry, yarki marchilam.
Ki chhiri yarkir. Goru kothakar.
Ki rokom kore prem korbi bol.
Tui bol. Kamon chash?
Accha bol tor kemon chhele pochondo?
Jaa taa rokomer purush.
Ei to achi ami jaa-taa rokom.
Purush ki?
Mane? Tor sondeho ache?
Kothar mane bujhisni. Tui definitely male.
Er mane ki? Male ra kothar mane bojhena?
Umm,I dint mean that but khanik ta tai.
Ki holo case ta? Bujhlam na.
Oi j bollam tui jaa taa rokomer male.
Dhyat! ki j bolish kichui bujhina.
Chesta korish kano?
Moteo chesta korina. Tokey khola patar moto porte pari.
Yarki? amar chokhe sob lekha thake naki?
Sob. Biswas kor. Sob. Kichui lukae na.
Sorbonash. E to bhari chintar kotha.
Chintar ki ache? Simple thakbi best thakbi.
Dekhbi bhalo chhele pabi. Dekhte to kharap nosh.
Bhalo holei bhalo chhele pabo. naki?
Faltu kotha.
Amar moto bhalo nao pete parish.
Isssh re, ki j hobe tahole amar.
Ami achi to. Ne na.
Eesssh. Ma go, thak.
Tui ki chaash amrita?
Janina. Bhalobaste hoyto.
Amio chai.
Chol tai kori.
Sottyi? Ami kintu bhishon bhalobaste pari.
:D to ki korbo?
Let me love you.
J bhabe bhabchish se bhabe hoyna.
Tobe r ki? Nacho. Nirosh kothakar.
&*^%$ shala.
Sottyi bol, bhalobaste parbi?
Janina, se sahosh r nei aj. Bhanga ayna...
Bujhi. Bhishon bhabe bujhi. sigh
Ki holo abar tor? Dibbi chili j.
Dhur bhallagena. Chol prem kori.
Abar prem? Atokkhon ki korchi?
Eta prem? Dur. Chol prem kori. Aj icche hoeche.
Shala &*^%$@.
Nije ki? :D

Monday, April 4, 2011


words wrap you in a calm engagement
brain gets wed to imagination
call what you will this narcissistic night
but faces fail to find appropriation.
in splendor
whispers of love


Drops of joy threaten to invade
A realm cut across with pain
I know he misses me in his heart
Who sends me whispers in the rain

Plea to my Rain

Come rain! wash me anew
I pray to you
With open palms and arms
Thrown upwards in
Sheer pain
Come rain!

I cannot hide my tears
Nor my forlorn fears
As the music of water
Flows by in ecstacy
And drown my heart
In waves of lost dreams
False beliefs, cherished gleams.

Come into my arms
And hide your drenched soul
Enwrap me in your cares
Come rain, I belong to you
No one to part us dares.

He knows not I exist
He knows not my name
He cares not who am I
Nor whether I remain.
We fall alone my dear rain
We embrace our untamed souls
I merge with you tonight
And form a droplet whole.

Embrace me tight
Absorb my heart
Absorb the essence of me
So that I may scatter away
Farther off than he.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Is it all gone, I ask?
Is it really all gone?
Time is running past
I am left aghast
Standing against time.
Tides wash by
In currents, so fast.

I have been standing here
At the same spot
For a year
Despite all negatives
And a heart full of fear.
I have been here
Very much here.

Moments I relive
In our undefined realm
Of songs unsung
Tunes unharped ...
Yet moments shared
As the Divine governs
On our speechless lips.

Our eyes never failed
To convey the unspoken
A hidden smile
Barely noticed
Shining faces
A golden glow of happiness
Untouched by the world.
Purity in its purest form.

Where does our story go?
Time flies in mirthless tides
Eyes dont see and facts dont match
And in a strange blade we catch
Your hands locked in else's hand.

Heart and love seem like quicksand
Move On,You Fool!
Rages the spectator stand.
A strange pure belief lurks so ...
Unbelieving and a confused doe
I look at mine and your distant hand ...
And in the same spot still I stand.