Monday, April 4, 2011

Plea to my Rain

Come rain! wash me anew
I pray to you
With open palms and arms
Thrown upwards in
Sheer pain
Come rain!

I cannot hide my tears
Nor my forlorn fears
As the music of water
Flows by in ecstacy
And drown my heart
In waves of lost dreams
False beliefs, cherished gleams.

Come into my arms
And hide your drenched soul
Enwrap me in your cares
Come rain, I belong to you
No one to part us dares.

He knows not I exist
He knows not my name
He cares not who am I
Nor whether I remain.
We fall alone my dear rain
We embrace our untamed souls
I merge with you tonight
And form a droplet whole.

Embrace me tight
Absorb my heart
Absorb the essence of me
So that I may scatter away
Farther off than he.

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