Monday, April 18, 2011

Stranded ... Writhing

(The Last Child of Hamelin Sings to the Pied Piper)

O Piper
why do my eyes see you
in the most dreamiest of dreams?
why do you reside in every
frame and fragment of my
montage, in golden streams?
have you not seen my face
and pitied my stupidity
have you not seen my eyes
and forgiven my sweet insanity?
i ran away
trust me, i did try
and i dont know why
i have become Alice
running at the same place
without a slight displacement.
O Piper
you live beyond the rainbow bridge
and leave me alone to wonder
do you still wait under starry skies
and sing of heart's passionate cries?
do you still kiss drenched leaves
as the heart full of love heaves?
do you still search for silver shores
(do you care about me anymore?)
words beyond unspoken words
and silence that sighs
our memories
arrested in deep dark eyes.

1 comment:

  1. The piper pipes and pipes on...
    What he leaves behind is his scent to cry on!

    :) I LIKE the rhythm in this one... simple and prettily done to steal hearts! Good job. May your piper pipe only for your pleasure forever.