Friday, April 29, 2011


She has flown over his garden
And loved his pretty flowers
She had sung to his rivers
That she couldnt see but hear
She saw the luxuriant flowers
She couldnt smell them
And blamed it on her tiny nose
She loved the pretty colours
Flashy and charming, vibrant, vigorous
Passionate with secret hopes.
Only she couldnt smell them.
She only thought she could.
Now that the sun is up, high and hot
The flowers have started melting
Plastic petals
False freshness
Putrid passions
Soulless sojourn

She has been mocked at by cruelty.
The joke was on her.
He had lied so dry, so fake.
She has learnt
Even eyes can lie
Even love can die.

So she flew away
And he couldnt sneer anymore

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