Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Separated by miles a million
And distances
That dont promise a whisper
They live
Each on their own
Like souls sent down from heaven
To live a life, a task.
A mystic light remains
A path of hallowed joy
So the souls can walk back
When they close their eyes
In dreams, in prayer or tiresome burdens.
They meet over celestial ether
And clasp each other
Eager and soft,
The home of peace on his bosom,
The beating of his heart
Her soft breath and tears wet
Their absolute quiet understanding.
His fingers caress her tresses
Smoothen her troubled lines
And kiss her closed eyes.
She holds him with passion
And a gentle reassurance of strength.
His tired, saddened face seek solace
His emptiness seeks her so deeply,
Their faces merge into one absolution.
The stars sing.
Locked in each other's arms,
They seek peace -- love of life.
Heartbeats coalesce and silence
Assumes a high completeness.
They rock gently ...

Till so far a voice calls out,
Or duties call,
Responsibilities, promises, work
Realms of stone and leaves,
A life to be lived,
A task ahead.

The celestial dream dissolves
Like circles on the face of water.
Ever so lightly
Like a promise of togetherness
At an eye's closure
Or a small intense kiss
Till we meet again ....

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