Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I laugh at myself nowadays
All I need is just a poke
R kotha jhorjhor kore jhore pore.
Words gush out of me like
Tides of water, released from the
Boundaries of a reservoir. Flowing
Eddying flowing whirling flowing
Rushing flowing gushing down
Like a torrent of fountain waters,
Sliding down the breast of
A tall hill covered with lush greens.
I talk, keep sprinkling the droplets
Of words, spreading mirth, joys,
Tears, emotions, likes, dislikes…
All it takes is just a poke,
A small “hello, what’s up?”
All you do is listen, quietly.
Do you have a soft smile playing
On your lips? Just a hint of it?
You don’t answer or reply to much
That I say, only choose answers
And gift them to me carefully.
As if you are dipping your feet in
The cool running waves of words
And feeling the wetness creep up.
Do they touch your knees?
I don’t even get to know when
You had picked up your feet
And walked away silently.
I stand still, and run deep.
Waiting for you to come one dark evening
And float a diya with flowers in a leaf-bowl.
The gift will float on my soul,
My being and I will smile till
You open the floodgates again.

Friday, April 2, 2010

april fool

april fool. april fool.
you have made me april fool.
i have been made april fool.
its so easy and so cool.
april fool. april fool.

i looked on you. i waited here.
i lost all restraint and all fear.
i dreamt,i felt,i heard,i smelt
i drank my blood
i drank my tears
i withstood your rudeness
and all your jeers.
i wish like you i'd be as cool
and play with hearts
to make a fool
april fool. april fool.

love and lust and dreams are dust
freakin minds scream out of frust.
its a tryst with destiny
and i've been stung by a bumble bee.
writing rubbish is my policy
for destroying your stupid hegemony.

hey its my heart and thats my rum
here's a big rap for your big bum.
i loved you then.i hate you now.
i wept for you and you hit me too
hard for existing and living so cool,
i am not the april fool.

you lost me and my dreams rule,
you are the final april fool.
april fool. april fool.
now look who's the april fool.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

a joke

good joke, naughty creature!

u fooled me well. nice joke.

i almost fell in love, my goodness!

what would my soul say if she heard

i almost fell in the puddly muddly thing?

first april

its first april
summer months officially begin today.
a season has passed.
i was still waiting for you.
and then a storm came,
a crash sounded and
... my heart broke.
i was waiting for you.
i had been waiting for you too long.
the storm could not wait
and no longer could fate.