Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lost my Doll

And I've lost my doll
I lost my doll
I lost my games
I lost my days
I lost my hopes
I lost my love
I lost those precious
moments of charm
Those enclosed days
so warm,
I have lost them once
I have lost them all
I have lost my doll
I have lost my doll

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Self Definition II

On a silent evening
A glass of close company
A faint pink of love swimming
On the drink of desire.
You drop in
With a sudden unexpected dose
Of increased nervousness
Blushes and shy smiles.
An uncanny smile invisible between us.
Two spoonfuls of you
Added to the reddening liquid
Concentrated solution of :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Love Story

You were there with me
Talking about all the odds and ends
Wondering what to do
How to feel, so confused, shy
You would have hidden your face
And smiled by yourself, at yourself.
Each inch of closeness or distance
Bothering you.
The rendezvous making you happy, so special ...
Words on words, never ending lines...
An unknown desire reddening through your skin
An insane thought that makes you crave.
You think of all those past crushes you had,
Wondering have you finally reached your goal?
Your heartbeats will tell you ...

Friday, May 20, 2011

A crazy Jocular song

I must thank Souroneil Lahiri for introducing me to a lovely song. Goodness, the day he sang it for me, I laughed my head off. It was cute, it was silly, it was funny, it was definitely a mood lifter. And he did a wonderful bengali version of it as well. Prem Projonon o Protarona priyotama, Prem Projonon o Protarona. Mindblowing! And he sang it with so much of gusto, that much added to the flavour. And then, the cat comes out of the bag! The song is sung none other than by Kailash Kher, my fave man in sufi-rock! Double dhamaka!!! And when i heard him sing .... dude, he was AWESOME!!!!! LOve, seX aur Dhoka darling, LoVe Sex aur DhokA .... tujhe goli marunga, teri jaan bachaunga, ufff. Then I heard other songs from the film, all of them were crazy man and the music and rhythms were lovely. I loved the Kailash Kher wala songs best, as usual! Today I was down down down down and these songs gave me a HUGE lift. Thanx to Kailash Kher and ofcourse Mr Lahiri the great! I would love it if he drops by and publishes his wondreful bengali version .... Joke, this one is for you, Cheers!!!!

Tujhe goli maarunga, teri jaan bachaunga
Tujhe godh sulaunga, teri neendh udaunga

Tujhe goli maaru teri jaan bachaun
Tujhe godh sulau teri neendh udaun
Saans ye meri bhaamph hai baby garam agan ka jhoka
Saans ye meri bhaamph hai baby garam agan ka jhoka
Kaatke rakh doonga agar tune judne se roka
(love sex aur dhoka darling, love sex aur dhoka)

Tasveer utaarunga
Tasveer utaarunga, mele mein dikhaunga
Jo dekhega uski akhiyan nachwaunga

Tasveer utaarun, mele mein dikhaun
Jo dekhe uski akhiyan nachwaun
Hawas ki tarkari mein dala jalan bulan ka jhonka
Hawas ki tarkari mein dala jalan bulan ka jhonka
Kaatke rakh doonga agar tune judne se roka
(love sex aur dhoka darling, love sex aur dhoka)

PS: I have developed a strange knack for silly crazy mad songs nowadays! Pyaar ka Punchnama has a couple of silly songs. Khoka babu jae is a stupendously irritating yet funny song. I hate it, i like it. I loved DUM maaro DUM though. absolutely splendid!!! The song said everything a girl has to say. It rocks! Tu gandi acchi lagti hai, tu bandi acchi lagti hai ... haha!!!


its hard to forget
what i did
or did not
what you did
have not
its just hard to forget.

i remember that grimace
the scorn on your face
the jeering laughter
i felt so despised
you cared a bang
me, lost, hurt, pained ...

i remember the softened eyes
the laughter that seeped through
the kindly light i thought was mine
the mistakes
the wrong assumptions

its hard to forget


and some more words

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Self Definition 1

I am dark, deep, unfathomable
I mystify you, charm, enthrall you
I am a desire you can hardly contain
Ask the cells in your body who are so pert, eager
I am the call of the deepest green
A buzz, an insatiable hunger within.
I am yours
I am

Saturday, May 7, 2011


On your pages scribbled with every day work
And thousands of words conveyed, communicated
A hundred promises find their way and jot themselves down.
You wake up and run, work and travel and work some more
Have fun, watch tv, a movie, midnight porn or maybe music
Theatre, art galleries, kissing and some sexual flamboyance
Strains on eyes working on your laptop, a glass of water.
You watch the news and sigh or curse or be delighted
A bite of KFC chicken or maybe some bread and omlette,
How does it matter when you slept last night? Dreamt well, didnt you?
A wet plant on your window sill. Some morning sun.
You dont remember me, consciously. Who has time now?
Life goes on. I saw me in you last night, like a stain of ink drop
On your paper of life, scribbled on madly.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Separated by miles a million
And distances
That dont promise a whisper
They live
Each on their own
Like souls sent down from heaven
To live a life, a task.
A mystic light remains
A path of hallowed joy
So the souls can walk back
When they close their eyes
In dreams, in prayer or tiresome burdens.
They meet over celestial ether
And clasp each other
Eager and soft,
The home of peace on his bosom,
The beating of his heart
Her soft breath and tears wet
Their absolute quiet understanding.
His fingers caress her tresses
Smoothen her troubled lines
And kiss her closed eyes.
She holds him with passion
And a gentle reassurance of strength.
His tired, saddened face seek solace
His emptiness seeks her so deeply,
Their faces merge into one absolution.
The stars sing.
Locked in each other's arms,
They seek peace -- love of life.
Heartbeats coalesce and silence
Assumes a high completeness.
They rock gently ...

Till so far a voice calls out,
Or duties call,
Responsibilities, promises, work
Realms of stone and leaves,
A life to be lived,
A task ahead.

The celestial dream dissolves
Like circles on the face of water.
Ever so lightly
Like a promise of togetherness
At an eye's closure
Or a small intense kiss
Till we meet again ....