Saturday, May 7, 2011


On your pages scribbled with every day work
And thousands of words conveyed, communicated
A hundred promises find their way and jot themselves down.
You wake up and run, work and travel and work some more
Have fun, watch tv, a movie, midnight porn or maybe music
Theatre, art galleries, kissing and some sexual flamboyance
Strains on eyes working on your laptop, a glass of water.
You watch the news and sigh or curse or be delighted
A bite of KFC chicken or maybe some bread and omlette,
How does it matter when you slept last night? Dreamt well, didnt you?
A wet plant on your window sill. Some morning sun.
You dont remember me, consciously. Who has time now?
Life goes on. I saw me in you last night, like a stain of ink drop
On your paper of life, scribbled on madly.