Thursday, June 23, 2011

Silence 2

The very air between us knew
A simple phenomenon explicable
By basic Physics -- Electrostatic force,
Better put as Gravitational force or Magnetism.
Newtons laws could better explain the potential energy
In the kinetic actions we undertook
Moving away with lush indefinite shyness
A frown or scorn hiding the intensity threatening
An overwhelming exposure in a flit of a second
Like the 1/f split of a pin-hole camera.
Our souls moving about like fluid molecules
Brownian motion attracting, deflecting,
Closing in, repulsion in fear of closing in too much.
A duty, a responsibility held behind, beyond
All feasibilities, all points of negotiable concentric attraction
Undefined, undeniable, the prismatic play
Of light, the emergence of dissected desires that showed
What a heart really wants beneath all garbed appearances.
When shall freedom come? Psyche and Songs are so loyal.
They reveal hearts like the chemical presence of copper
In a complex salt of life, (of relationships, of smothered wants)
Burning blue-green like Eros on a pure Platinum wire.


Is silence a relationship?
Can silence be a bond between
Two people unknown to each other?
The smart quirk sms wrote a quick
Poke for a friend across miles
Leaving the question behind
In thin air, like broken ice,
Can relationships be built out of silence?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Crystal Powder

Sugar candy smiles
Pink floss love
Voluminous sweet nothings
A kiss on the lip
Fingers cross and lock
We had weaved our dreams
In blessed blue
Diamonds sparkle
Like dew drops over
Dove mornings
We are beyond, above
And melt in thin air
Angels of White life
Feathers of companionship
And absence in frozen dust
Crystals of Royalty
And our lovely baby pink buds

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I spread my arms and open up to the skies above
The grass beneath my feet dazzles green with jealousy
I spread my wings to their full breadth
And bask in the scorching glory of the dictatorial sun
My naked feet touches the grass with a claimant wish
I flap my large wings with the utter elegance of power.

My face bears the roughness of an uncut diamond
I can cut you through and through,
Not a drop of blood shall spill on Agamemnon's carpet
As truth wrenches itself out of your whispered love.
Your kisses melting like ice over my jaw-lines.

My eyes have seized yours as we lock into a game
Of finding reflections in eyes as we prowl in a dance
Crystal balls know not your fate as much as I do
Mon amour, je te d├ęteste et pourtant je t'aime

Hold my hand, draw me close to you, closer more
You shake, you tremble, you hesitate, you fool
You know not what desire is, what it is to want,
To dream, to be enshrouded in pain, yet wait
For an eternity, for the sudden stroke of fate or doom.

I am the crucible of history, the incense of Time.
I write you like a piece of doggerel and throw you away
If I wish, when I want. My wings spread high,
Poised for flight, to encumber the skies in my fire.
Come, burn in me, within me, inside me
Lick me up your eyes, taste my salt, my scathing rage!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


tomar chokhe ak odbhut dripto nesha
ki obolilae takiye thakte paro aktana
drishti niboddho thake mukher opor
ami r firey takate pari koi? lal hoe jabo.
tumi bujhe jabe lojja tuku.
thak. otuku amari thak.
jamon tumio jano na tomar gaaler
oi lal ava tuku amar kotota priyo.
lojja tumio pao obujh chhele
kintu ato nimogno thako j ter-i paona


You are happy

Very happy

I am happy

Very happy

But not together