Saturday, June 11, 2011


I spread my arms and open up to the skies above
The grass beneath my feet dazzles green with jealousy
I spread my wings to their full breadth
And bask in the scorching glory of the dictatorial sun
My naked feet touches the grass with a claimant wish
I flap my large wings with the utter elegance of power.

My face bears the roughness of an uncut diamond
I can cut you through and through,
Not a drop of blood shall spill on Agamemnon's carpet
As truth wrenches itself out of your whispered love.
Your kisses melting like ice over my jaw-lines.

My eyes have seized yours as we lock into a game
Of finding reflections in eyes as we prowl in a dance
Crystal balls know not your fate as much as I do
Mon amour, je te d├ęteste et pourtant je t'aime

Hold my hand, draw me close to you, closer more
You shake, you tremble, you hesitate, you fool
You know not what desire is, what it is to want,
To dream, to be enshrouded in pain, yet wait
For an eternity, for the sudden stroke of fate or doom.

I am the crucible of history, the incense of Time.
I write you like a piece of doggerel and throw you away
If I wish, when I want. My wings spread high,
Poised for flight, to encumber the skies in my fire.
Come, burn in me, within me, inside me
Lick me up your eyes, taste my salt, my scathing rage!


  1. liked the flow..especially liked the first stanza :)

  2. Thank you Daya.Initially the idea was to keep it to the first stanza only,then I wrote some more :P

  3. Moves with a ravishing swiftness. Very powerful !