Thursday, June 23, 2011

Silence 2

The very air between us knew
A simple phenomenon explicable
By basic Physics -- Electrostatic force,
Better put as Gravitational force or Magnetism.
Newtons laws could better explain the potential energy
In the kinetic actions we undertook
Moving away with lush indefinite shyness
A frown or scorn hiding the intensity threatening
An overwhelming exposure in a flit of a second
Like the 1/f split of a pin-hole camera.
Our souls moving about like fluid molecules
Brownian motion attracting, deflecting,
Closing in, repulsion in fear of closing in too much.
A duty, a responsibility held behind, beyond
All feasibilities, all points of negotiable concentric attraction
Undefined, undeniable, the prismatic play
Of light, the emergence of dissected desires that showed
What a heart really wants beneath all garbed appearances.
When shall freedom come? Psyche and Songs are so loyal.
They reveal hearts like the chemical presence of copper
In a complex salt of life, (of relationships, of smothered wants)
Burning blue-green like Eros on a pure Platinum wire.