Thursday, April 28, 2011

Torn Leaves

At times,I find no way around me. A strange darkness encompasses all senses. As if a black velvet enshrouds my consciousness and wraps me up in utter despair. So helpless,so utterly helpless and weak. I remember you then,recall some fleeting moments that had whizzed by in a delirious delicious whisper. I rememory you. You ....

where are you? how are you? ofcourse you have been happy. you are so much luckier and you are worth it. you are worth all the joys and success in life. no, you are not perfect. you never were. and so, I loved you. you,with your baby face that expressed the dire need to be cuddled,held close. your eyes that showed the belief that the world is a wonderful place,full of strange things ... alice in wonderland. you love your hair. the frame of you, the silhouette of a happy child, pampered and spoilt. somewhere within you, a fountain seeking release. a person whose emotions showed on the face, the very bodily expressions. no, your efforts to hide them weren't very effective.

i wish i could have some yellow flowers. bright and yellow,soft and lively. may be with some white small flowers in between. or just a bunch of sunflowers. i would hold them close, close to my heart. i would sprinkle some water on them to make them look like dews. some cold air,fresh and wet,blowing within my mind. I absolutely adore yellow flowers. I believe the orange-red Gulmohars are simply majestic.the King of flowers.

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