Saturday, March 5, 2011


Crazy wildernesses along a brazen wall
Two eyes, intoxicated
Burning with an insane desire
To light up in dense fire
among the dark wildernesses.
Spectral fireflies, a lonesome moon
lapping up the silvery waters
dipped in lusty moonlight
spreading her wings in full.
Broken glass, scattered petals
of blood orchids and white blossom.
Rolling along dew wet grass
soiled feet and empty skin,
Black wings of night shading
the trees in secret conversation
soft whispers of the leafy caresses.
Painful idiocies left behind.
Stark reality changes realms.
Shades of cumbersome toils
left behind like decency and sunrays.
A never ending sojourn
Steams of visual illusions
Sensory hallucinations
And a burning under the skin
on silent nights and heavy air
palpitating in the fragrance of aamer-bol.
Wilderness and wild fervours.

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