Sunday, March 27, 2011

Love, Destiny and Blood

I am a little blind mouse
Living on a wide chess board
And scuttling across the grid
With all might I can afford.

He sits across the table
With a playmate, like a kid;
He plays with her my Destiny
Placing my fate on a lid.

My eye of love is the bet
Dirty, old and blind
They pick me up by my tail
And place me as assigned
On a black or white
For all I know
I am so deadly blind.

My little heart is pawned next
As quivering cold I stand
He laughs and plans his next move
And picks me up on a hand.

A cold steel blade I feel next
Beside my red little heart
I know not who won who lost
Neither the game's fair start.

They threw my little body away
In a rotting garbage can
On a blotted chessboard
Lay my heart
And the garbage was picked by a van.

They reveled in the funny game
And in high spirits made love
My heart gave out spurts of blood
As my eyes appeared Above.


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