Friday, September 9, 2011

Narcissus 2

In the realm of water deep I ope my lid.
The cool touch on my nude skin shivers
In expectancy and an unknown bliss.
A moonsome stone lies on my bosom
Throbbing with the rythmic pains of life.
The white corals spread their skeletal blooms
And enthrall my feet so soft and eager
I swim my way through the colours of blue
And gather on my hair some hues of wish.
I smile and lock in my eyes the sight
Of corals, oysters, shells and fish.
He shall he will come I know,
When I call for him who lives aland.
The curls that I will make of white
Dreams stringed in a cloudy garland.
He lives ashore in shredded gloom
And plays a flute so sad and lost.
I steal for him visions of life
Away from the earthly holocaust.
He shall, as I, end up here
At Narcissus' gold mine.
A poets peace, a lover's soul,
And for us --- a shelter divine.

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