Monday, January 31, 2011

City chorus

i stand alone by the pavements
and watch my city flow by
my heartless city
my city of joy
where are you now
where will you be when i
find myself locked away in
the past tense after some time
some lives and moments later?

i seek refuge in farmville fields
and till some lands, fertilise them
tend my animals
and collect gifts and valentines
from my mailbox and Cupid's castle
i'm pretty as a princess here
and have no cares in the world
i leave you my city for a virtual farm

my small town
my large trees and scattered traffic
honking rickshaws and
blaring cars
chilled mornings and dusky lusts
migratory birds filling these skies
my desire to live life

You have given me lots
my dirty city
a lot of experience and emotions
a lot of throbs and smiles
you have returned to me lost faith
belief, destiny and love
poems and creations
secrets and melodies
my wonder woman
my joyous company
pockmarked beauty
and a romantic damsel

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