Saturday, January 22, 2011


They float on the air like feathers
of cotton seeds that have come from
distant lands, looking for someone
they can rest on and choose to give.
You send them my way so carefully,
stealthily and so very aware of the
effect they have on me and you.
They whisper softly into my lips
what you havent yet thought of
and what remains unspoken
yet understood and covered
under honeymild smiles loosely spread
across bright sunlit faces hidden
behind some stupid little excuse or prop.
The air fills with unexplained sparks
as I smile to myself and pray silently.
Those moments, packed with delicious care
and some earnest yearnings,
touch my soul as I feel like a rose.

1 comment:

  1. some feathers do touch our heart but very very rarely some touch our mind and heart together.Those that touch both the heart and mind they sow the version of love to us.Some turns out to be memories,but these memories are then ment to be evergreen.They are often overlooked by people or in change of version it can be said they are not seen or felt by apparent eyes.They speak to its host like living beings asking the host to be cautious so as no one dares to cross the line,Coz those memories should be of one and not many.It teaches us to live for the happiness of that one cause,one person and one also teaches that the grief of the host should not be expressed before the world around.Its enlightens the path that be true to one and once you have done the same wait your life for that one truth..............If you have been true it should be yours.................Live ur life in the wait no matter what happens......