Thursday, January 20, 2011


(For the lady who barely gets a chance to talk when i start my chirping .... and who has recently adopted him too)

You are that magic girl whom God has made with that special smile and the very motherly tender eyes -- those eyes I can always find my place in and open my heart to. Are you a friend? Nah.

You were my daughter when we were born last time, thats why you are my mamma this time, to repay my love with your ocean of kindness and understanding and support.

There is a reason why they say Mothers are god's gifts. You are made by God for His little awkward children like me. I have had you and there is a special reason why even my own ma is happy with the motherer I have received at a critical juncture of my life.

You have filled an empty childhood that had left me dry and scared. It had left me alone, bullied, threatened and desperate for parental care and some love ... but none. Loneliness stabs me inside. and now I am happy again ... your happy baby.

This post I have written for you, as this is my place, my own place, close to my heart, and I am paying my tribute to the sweet sweet girl who's name is Humility and Kindness. I am happy to be your amri baby. You tell me everyday that you love me. Today its my turn. I pay my tribute to the little lady who has given me 2 yrs of my childhood back.

PS: I know you love me. You couldnt help it, could you? How could you? I am that irresistible. Even your dog loves me. And LOVES me actually. Goja had a first sight love for me. As if goto jonme oi amar bhai chilo. Attitude tao orokomi dae. It is curious how male behaviour in love and affection follows similar pattern for men and animals both. Khub bhalobasbe abar bhab ta dekhabe as if 'do i know you? I am the man. Yes I know you adore me. You are supposed to." Men!!! (Or dogs, for that matter !!!) But I love both of you.

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  1. Awww! and awww and awwww! louu all over ! and me feeling some of my louuu oozing out from my heart reading this one! so cute! :)