Sunday, January 23, 2011

To U

If u give me candies on an
ice-cream night and then
frame my delight in a half real
dream, u should also be
in the candy floss that floats
like sugary clouds on the skies.

I look around with curious eyes
and find some chocolates lying around
packed with care and bright hues,
yet scattered without an address.

I look up at the silver moon
and smile through my hoody
and ask her, hey whats up?
She laughs back and showers
some stars down on me.

I look up to the rainbow
glittering in its own hues
and I ask, will u fade away?
Gotta go he said with a smile,
I have my own little Doll waiting.

I look down, a bit confused
but then thats the way things shall be
I have to wake up from my
little slumber soon and u shall
laugh on my poor little face.
U too have ur own fancy Doll
safe on ur bosom, somewhere in ur heart.
Twin smirks for dear me.

As of now, I can fly around
with my fluffy pink Cupid's wings
and bloom like a small bud among
cherished colours and laughters
that touch one's soul deep down.

Chocolate butterflies touch my fingers
As I weave nets of sunshine
around my gardens of Valentines'.
Before u break the glass and leave
Come, sit with me for a while.

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