Sunday, January 23, 2011

Animals and us

They fought over pieces of food
in the garbage cans
or beside open drains.
They fought over love and rites
or rights of mating their choice.
They fought over group territories
they claim their own to protect
food sources and shelter areas.
They fought. They didnt kill.
They preyed for food not malice.
They shoved brothers away for
mother's milk and then licked eachother.
They are animals
despicable creatures.
God's low creations
No intelligence
No intellect
Primitive drives.
Look at today's newspaper
or yesterdays'
or tomorrows'
People licking each other's blood.
Politics they say
violence communalism
hatred they say.
Animals, they say.
Animals? Who?
Voices in my head scream
Call me an animal lover
I hate my human identity

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