Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter Songs


Listen to the shadows of mild December whispering under the dark trees.

The cold rain drizzles by and spreads the news of cheer on a foggy morn.

I have come a long way

I have come all alone

I know what it is to weep

Over lost pearls

And knowing

It will never be mine again

Losses more losses and losses in pain


Hot smokes curl over a cup of tea as the sleeping dog dreams of a tomorrow.

Palms taste the cold and white fumes emerge from the soft breaths between shy lips.

I know it all

How it feels to be so alone

How it feels to love all alone

Unreciprocated cares and concerns

Tears wept hot

Wrists slit

Drops of blood

Winter and love ...


A song on the radio transforms the sleeping Beauty inside to a Fairy tale of love.

An invisible presence felt nearby causes blush ... a fantasy? schizophrenia? Love?

Can feel him on the skin

Bright and burning

Loveless nights

And drowning dreams…

Do you promise love?

Do you dare to love?

Have courage enough to close your eyes and trust?


No reply.


Covers, protects, speaks, adores, embellishes, frightens, doubts, tears, kills

The answer lies before the mirror

By a game of chess

On a Shakespeherian rag ….

Do you know what slow poisoning is?

It’s like a kiss

Flows along your blood


Eyes search. Eyes wait as eyes probe into depths, swims over and under, gets flooded with words

And then, postpones.

Hearts chafe and fret, kicking chains with golden hooves and beats enormous wings!

Sunlight beneath them powders down into golden flecks and gathers around entwined destinies.

I know it

I know it all

About sad stories and hellish ashes

But then I trust you

I have faith

I believe

I feel I know you

I always did

I don’t know why

But I do

And I am waiting for you

Break the glass if you will

Or look in it deep…

I read your eyes last night


Winter comes, with a promise of faiths and close bonds.

A symphony plays on the hearts’ strings

Of smiles, and dreamy rains

And a whispered promise

To be continued….


  1. Somehow I feel the beginning doesnt match with the middle part.

  2. I kind of superimposed voices and pictures, memories and dreams were overlapped.Stream of consciousness doesnt guarantee an organic whole,ki korbo? edited some.

  3. much much better...and very pretty.