Friday, December 24, 2010

a college fest evening

rocking nights
partying at fests
loud music
hard rock
and blood lights
male attention
mad moves
sliding away
wild nights
carnivalesque throbs (and I dont care what Bakhtin says, its my poem)
dust smoke
body aches (do not misinterpret)
booming eardrums
and romance
sliding down the shadows.

And yet an emptiness
in the wild cries cheering
for the dazzling halloween lights
and fires in the blood.
We want to belong, we want so deep
that it bleeds inside
as we cheer and cry for some hard piercing music
tearing the night air and stabbing us
with the feel that we are one.
one crowd
one feel
one joy
one beat
and desperate to join
in love
in tears
in music
and cries.

wild dances
cracked voices
burnt leaves
smell of alcohol
and lost souls
in the dazed air.

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