Friday, December 17, 2010

Golden Apples

A frightened little heart, an anxious despair,
a little fairy crouches in the corner
as darkness threatens the garden.

Fear, scathing fear
and tension,
scattering of precious images and
enshrouding threats in the caves of
magma and lava kissed flames.

But desires and dreams are stronger than anything.

Powers percolate and the volcano erupts,
throwing up molten magma and unimaginably hot
flames of intense fantasy and deep love.

Two hands pick up the soft little fairy
and press her close on warm lips,
kiss her frightened wings and a reddened face.

Alladin's magic carpet carries them away into the sunlight.

The apple garden waits,
wild with blossoms and drops of the flame-red fruition.
The paths are covered with petals and leaves,
and small golden apples that entice
little moments of hidden joy and inflamed expressions.

Come, take a bite into the maroon flame of love-stories
and melt away into the honey sweet reality of hearts.
A moment, a fragrance, unknown joys and the gold of magic dreams,
anointed with the royal flames of fruition and blossoms.

The golden apples shine with a promise of love.

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