Sunday, December 5, 2010


The brown leaves cover the blue paths

As winter breathes in and we walk quietly

Hand in hand, steps matching steps.

We don’t know that we really exist

And the white drops of flowers smile

Sadly at our peculiar ignorance or stupidity.

We keep on walking in sad steps and thinking

About things we could have, we could make,

We could be, we could gift, and we could weave

Together, had we been close enough.

We sigh in union and a shooting star passes by.

We grow sad thinking that we will not share

The lovely winter evening over a hot coffee.

The silver dawn only peeks on the sky above,

We grasp each other’s hands tighter as the fog

Surrounds us and we barely know where we stand.

We stop, puzzled, at one point, hand in hand,

Waiting, thinking, wondering where to go,

And wishing the other was there, for support.

We look up at the morning star and make a wish.

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