Friday, December 31, 2010


In your eyes
I see the world everyday
many stories unfolding completely
and the game being played every moment.
I weave the golden web of
mystery and silence and suffering.
You stand a distance away and smile.
You spread your dreams of silver togetherness
and hold her hands close and warm.
The poinsettias blossom passionately
and drive the wildernesses crazy.
Her eyes live in yours and stories intermingle.
I look around and see colours in riot.
Celebration of intense comforts. So deep....
Red large passionate poinsettias engross
my fiery imagination and promise me
a walk fired with love lost and dreamt.
I transform into a scarlet fairy and shower
your path with flaming leafy velvets,
as you kiss her into a day unfolding within.
I don a silver tiara and wear my red dreams
and become a poinsettia princess.

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