Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weeping Shadows

Strange feelings ...
Trackless thoughts
Enter my blocked head
Create a ruckus within.
Stop! I yell: No more!
But the heart is deaf,
Ever has been.

Thoughts that ruin me
inside, emerge from
nowhere and fill me
through and through.
In closed eyes I see
none but a faceless
shadow of you.

Clouds and watery eyes...

Hands reach out unknowingly
To receive a sad palm.
I forcefully close my eyes,
To block out the known
deep deep look that
enters my soul and
drinks me down with love
and empties me of all fear.



I step back
And close my eyes
Only to find an embrace
A warm close embrace
girdling my soul like
an twirling creeper
of passion-flowers.
And I melt
All alone ...

I feel warm tears
running down my body
from the back of my neck
as if someone holds me in
a hug and cries uncontrollably.
Why do I feel thus, why?

I look out to the moonless sky
That returns an empty stare.
Strange thoughts fill up my mind.
And heaves the night air,
with sobbing breaths and
restless eyes, expressionless faces.
O do not ask what the heart
finds in such felt teary embraces.


  1. niyom kore niyom palon.... kotokoto kotokoto shobdo...

  2. robi thakur j bole gachen : o j mane na mana, ankhi firaile bole -- na, na, na. kothara r badh mante chae na