Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Name

A moment
like blue lightning
and freezes
in an instant
the throbbing mind
the restless heart
the anxious thoughts
and unquiet silences
framed upon panes of
memories and yearnings.

Fingers had touched
on wet sand
the Name.
The air has breathed
the words many times
with its soulful existence.
The flowers have shaken
their yellow petals
to trace the Name
etched on the soft soil.
A timeless ageless act
rehearsed over and over again.

Over mountains and oceans
rivers and terrains
of green or brown
or ash
the mind has run like
wild beasts
or supersonic sound,
looking for the Name
one has lost or fears to lose.

And then
the moment
that was awaited
with trembling perfection
and freezes
Eyes do not meet.
Breathing halts.
Only an invisible
string binds something
somewhere in a deep embrace.
Never to untie again
Not in this life.

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