Monday, February 7, 2011


The mind sets on its own journey
when the heart trembles softly
at the soft buds of blossoms white.
Passions about to bloom at dawn.
Closed eyes see, hear and feel
words, dialogues and essences
that have not any foundings in
reality. Dismissed as idle dreams
they float on heavy air and fade.
Only to come back sometime later
as reality in a sweetly surprised
world of truths and tactile existence.
I wonder how that happens.
Interconnection of thoughts...
moulded into actions and existences...
a connection that cannot be whisked away
as another idle thought or wishful thinking.
Being together on another level
not merely imaginary but perhaps telepathic.
How much has unconscious connections unlocked?
Not merely the heart but a chunk of mind.
What would we call it? what can it be called?

Wonder if you too can feel my bliss
and breath in the air around you.
Wonder if I can listen to your heartbeat
by touching my own pulse ....


  1. jodi baki soooob karon chere ekta karone ami toke hinse kori den seta holo ami tor moto kore valobaste parini kokhon r eto sundor kore seguloke chonde sajiye kobita likhte pari ni :) ei dukhho ta amr roye jabe :) ami bodhoy thik moto express korte pari na, mone hoy ja bolte cheyechlm ta bola holo na, mone hoy amr sobta emotion ujar kore dhele dile parlm na, r eta thik, jodi partam tahole ki, amr chawa pawar majhe etota gap thakto bol?
    tor lekhae protyek ta line jeno amari kotha bole, eta boro ekta mone hoy na amar karur kobita pore, sei je ekta kobita bolechili, "onekdin por dekha hole chinte parbe amay?" erom kichu, ami kende felechlm janis:)

  2. as a writer,i consider this a great honour if i have really extricated your emotions from the depths of your heart and brought them to your eyes. i am glad that you could connect so well with my little doggerels and found them worthy. thanks a lot lady