Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Note

Looking back again and again
at past moments and magic spells,
wondering if they shall ever be
back and I would have those sudden
seconds of pure ecstasy ever again.

A strange fluttering sensation
within a restless heart
and a feeling of loss somewhere.

I had found a world of unknown
joys and happiness like a dream.
A story weaved by destiny
A dream in words covered in silence.
A dance of imaginations melted into
a reality and fusion of felt similarities,
basking under the same sunshine
looking at the same tiara of the night
from either ends of the rainbow bridge
mysterious smiles,people wondering,trackless...

O I can live by the memories
they make me so happy and I shine
like a little star on the dark wish of night.
Be happy, wherever you are,
whatever you do, and find soulful peace.
May all and all and all your dreams come true.
I thank you for every little drop
of magic that has come in a life
torn, tattered and wounded cruelly.
Thanks for showing that dreams are not dead
and fairy tales do exist.
The world is not a bad place and some emotions
and feelings are as genuine as
i dont know
maybe, love?!

1 comment:

  1. Dreams never ever die out like a lamp.the magic lamp of love dose'nt die out as easily as that.The lamp needs only a little care and nurturing to get rekindled.It only depends on how much the person holding the lamp wants it to get rekindled.its true that there is always a way to come back to the LIGHT,since the lamp dose not change its place,its only the flame that needs to come back and attach itself back with the lamp to make it glow again.Hope the note on the lamp will make sense to all its readers and i hope to get the flame of my lamp back