Wednesday, October 27, 2010

To One Whom I Treasured

bring it on
bring it on
let me see
how much hatred
have you nestled
up your fair brow
how much distaste
stored for me.

hit me hard
harder than that
hit me full on
let me see
how much
rage is pent up
beneath those
cold eyes and
fake smiles
and airy gestures.

burn me up
burn me down
burn me to the core
add more fuel
add more fire
burn me a bit more.
let me see what
else resides in
that dark heart of yours.

hate me good
hate me fine
laugh behind my back
hack me well with
bloody knifes
and stuff me in the sack.
cook my savage flesh,
eat me well and good,
if you were an animal
i know that you would.

after all the love, laughter,
care and admiration,
if all you can give me is hate,
then that is my inspiration.
i have no chains,have no weight,
have no sense of waste.
i can fly away whenever i wish
and change myself in haste.

but i will not run nor hide
i will not turn away
i will not flinch from your hate
i will not make a say.
do what you want,
bleed me to death
tear me to tiny shreds,
if my love had to be killed,
then i bow to no more dreads.

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