Sunday, October 24, 2010

lazy lamhe

Staying alone at home does not leave much of a choice but to loiter around the room wondering what to do. For a basically lazy person like me, it is quite difficult to zero on something and remain focused on doing that thing. Often I have tried picking up a book and reading it. It takes me only ten minutes to decide that I have done enough reading already and now I can sleep. So I doze off. But that doesn’t help. A noise somewhere instantly brings me back to alertness as I realize I can’t sleep. So, what do I do? Tadam tadam tadam tadam ….
I switch on my laptop and log on to Facebook. I have my favourite applications there, Farmville and Amora, the love oracle. I open the Farmville fields and see that all my neighbours have climbed on to the higher levels like 51, 81, 93. Big farmers! I look at my huge expanse of land and wonder when I will be able to get out of my level 27. I till my lands with instantaneous clicks and visit the market place looking for seeds. Ok so, rice shall take 12 hours to be harvested. So, it will be evening and Baba will bark at me, howl at me, growl, and roar and create all sorts of animal sounds. He refuses to believe that any good can come out of me. I don’t blame him. It’s a little difficult for any person to believe in a lazy lout. Ok so I should probably plant pink roses which take 2 days to be ready. Two days are too long. What shall I do tomorrow then? Should I plant red tulips? Only takes a day’s time. But what if I don’t stay at home tomorrow? I could go to the National Library or even for a film. Ok, leave it. I don’t plant anything in Farmville now, we will see later. Any wonders that I can’t cross the 27th level barrier? I will be staying at home tomorrow anyway, so we will see later. Tomorrow maybe.
I move on to the love oracle, Amora. Interesting application! It always has two predictions, one for Amrita honey, another for Amrita darling or Amrita dear. She hopes that either one or the other shall work! Ha ha. Another confident person with her confident oracles. They are often sweet as predictions but I am the wrong person for whom she wastes those words. Here I am sitting at home in a dress all folded and gathered up, all snug and comfy, with tangled uncombed hair falling across my back and my teddy sitting on the top of my books, looking at me with what-the-hell-do-you-think-you-are-doing eyes. And Amora says, Amrita honey, your admirer shall fall helplessly in love with you today as your charm carries his heart away. Charm? Who, me? Admirer? I look at my teddy with suspicious eyes. Bhochu! Teddy looks at me with innocent eyes. I trust him and I carry on to my personalized prediction next. Amrita darling, be on the lookout this weekend. Changes may happen around you and what you want could magically coincide with your partner's desires. Changes? In a stuffed room? Where I am all alone? Desire in a lonely room should ideally take two people. :-p :-) :-D Ahem! Well, what do I want? I want to sing. So my partner should ideally want to sing too. I hum on a tune which comes out too bad. If my partner would be as bad a singer as I am, we should have a beautiful chorus. And people would throw us out of the neighborhood. That should be fun! I imagine me and my mystery man standing together in a dark balcony on a moonlit night, looking at each other’s faces and me singing a line for him, and he joins in, we sing together a lovely line or two, and a group of neri-kuttas comes running and barking up at us. How romantic!
I lie down on the bed and decide all I can do in the spare time is weave yarns of dreams and do nothing else. Are lazy people good dreamers? Eliot smiles at me. My eyes follow the pile and one by one I see the neat bindings of Walter Scott (which I wont do for my term paper anyway), the Xeroxed copies of Literary Theory books, files of materials waiting to be read, someday. The untouched pujo sonkhya laughs at me. And from beneath it peeps the Norton edition of Vanity Fair which I borrowed from the HOD and haven’t really flipped a page.
I will have to start studying soon, one of these days and finish atleast Vanity Fair or DB is going to kill me after the vacations. Murder in the cathedral! The Presidency main building even has a clock tower like cathedrals do. Fair enough for Vanities to be killed!

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