Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The dejected wife

The coffee goes cold
as she stares into
the empty blankness
of the shivering night.
Some stars blink
at her with sleepy eyes
and yawn lazily wide.
The moon has gone to
sleep in its cradle.
She waits for him.
The night walks by.

A partner one craves,
a man of her own.
A soul she can share,
a comfort she can bear.
A lover at mystery lights,
a friend at lonely nights.
A husband,they named him,
a strange man,she had to bind.

Official relationship of
traditional customs and duties,
they bound two bodies by a thread.
Who knows where the hearts are?
Does he love me?Is he seeing someone?
Does he give me a thought?
Who knows? No time.
No time for love.

A rat scuttles by quick.
Her phone screen remains dark.
Her eyes remain blank.
Her heart doesnt receive
the warmth of a single phrase
or a single word,from a
beloved voice - come! to me!
Fear of rejection hangs high
and the desolate loneliness.
Absence and silent sighs ...

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