Saturday, October 9, 2010


k se amar kei ba jane -- kichu ba tar dekhi abha,
kichu ba pai onumane, kichu tahar bujhi na ba.
majhe majhe tar barta amar bhashae pae ki kotha re
o se, amae jani pathae bani amar gaane lukiye taare.

Walking amidst the morning mists
She smiles quietly to herself
And wraps the orhnee around
Like a protective glance of
Crystal care and dewy peace.
The white serene morning
Smiles and re-adjusts the mists
Like she does her sylvan veil.
She smiles and walks.
The green wet grass beneath her
Feet, play with her skin,
Tingle them, touch them, make
Them so cold, covered with droplets.
She breathes out a wisp of air
That smokes cloudy white and
Laughs as it mingles with the mist,
Intensifying the morning veil
By a degree. She looks up to
The slate blue sky and drops of
Dew kiss her face, here and there,
On temples and cheeks, lips and eyes.
The shiuli flowers scatter themselves
On her way, craving to be picked up
Tenderly and held on her long fingers
And pink palms, a bit coarse, a bit
Tired with wars of a regular life, but
Kind enough to love, to live, to laugh.
She stoops and picks them up
And holds them close, so close
That they let out their divine
Odour and fill her little life
And dark eyes with ecstacy
Beyond words, beyond time.
The morning draws the mists
Closer and embraces her.

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