Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Tryst

I had seen him come through the pale moonlight
on a dark stallion, with a sword in one hand
and a rose in another. His face was covered
by the purple darkness and he had come,
galloping, like a lightning, like a bolt, like a storm.
Tearing the shadows of sad existence he had
appeared before me, his eyes shining like the blades
of silver fire and the rose he held out for me was dark.
His eyes were full of emotions I did not know.
What did he want? The dark rider?
I dare not ask. I dare not dream. I dare not speak.
He bent down as I stared, hypnotised, as eyes swept
my face with a yearning glance and a pleading.
I took the rose and held it close,in a trance
of magic and a strange intoxication.
And suddenly he moved and out of nowhere
I was swept off my feet as he had pulled
and flung me around somewhere. All I could see
was his dark silhouette around me and deep
hot breath on my lips and a burst of colours
in the sky high above.Eyes closed, lips melt.
A whiff of cold wind caresses my flushed skin
as I open my eyes and find myself on the silver sand
of an unknown desert. I look around for my strange
lover but stretches of sand lie all around,empty.
Was it but a dream? Was he but a shadow of a
mind feverish with the sordid loveless life?
The sands know no answer and the cactus sighs.
And then,my palms feel softness.
A dark rose lies on the mellow sand, sweating.


  1. saw it, felt it,touched it, r ki bolbo? its an excruciatingly lovely poem. as for the X_factor:- bhalo....arektu hote parto...its kind of subtle...touch n go types...bhalo
    u dont really delve into it...but thats ok

  2. i could see the picture in all its details. this is more of a painting in words. this poem had elements of sensuality, very sensuous infact, still at the end of it, all i could see was a purity, a rose on the desert and sands sprinkled in its folds. it is a very beautiful poem.

  3. Amrita, tor dana ebar sotti bhengeche. Tor oi heavenly angel-r dana khosche. Ebar tui dhoroni te neme aschish,to my department. Dark angel hoe jacchis. But truly,tor ei level-r kobita ami agey kokhono porini. The poems that you have written during this vacation,as your poems tehy have matured a looooooooot. Agey tor lekhae rasta dhulo ghaash akash thakto,ekhon thake hridoy. The throbbing living heart. Nijeke bhetor theke dhele diechis puro. Bhalo na bashle ei lekha asey na. E lekha hridoy ujar kora lekha. You and your poetry has evolved.

  4. sokhi bhabona kahare bole, sokhi jatona kahare bole, tomra j bolo dibosho rojoni bhalobasa bhalobasa, sokhi bhalobasa karey koy, se kikeboli jatona-moy? soumee, i am still an angel.