Thursday, November 25, 2010


Sunny mornings.
Wet grass.
If u can love,
with all your heart,
really love,
not doubt yourself,
come out in the open
and roll on the grass.
Smell the flowers.
Kiss the leaves
and touch the new buds.
Sing a song.
Hum a tune.
Climb the rainbow
and chase the birds.
But then
if you do
to love and live,
don't dare
to leave my garden
when the autumn comes
or winter.
Cant bear to lose
the dew
if you
dont care
dont love
dont bless
dont stay
and leave
without a trace.
If you believe
in fragrant springs
and leaving
behind the winter,
my gates are closed
and I raise a host
of roses
for your name.
May spring come sweet
and make your feet
walk towards
God's Eden.
I am a soul
with tears and joys
words and laughter,
all soiled and heathen.


  1. a very symbolic poem indeed....hope the symbolism is not too obscure... :)

  2. A text also contains meanings within the content,so dont always look for a greater signified exterior to the text and stop laughing :P