Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Escape

i keep running on the mill,
away from my mistaken judgments,
towards a tomorrow i am not sure of.
But i keep treading on the mill
with lots of enthusiasm and hopes of
a fresh new beginning, freedom from
jarring cacophony and invisible
whip-lashes that tear my flesh, from
the goblins who pounce on me
and try to kill me, murder me or
drive me to suicide with sufferings.
i tremble, i shake at the brute torture
i underwent so long, oh so so so long.
i am struggling to breathe now
as i keep running away from the dark.

tell me i am there, that i have reached.
tell me the bad dream is over and
the whiplashes shall not tear my skin again.
o hold me close, i am scared, too scared
just let me breathe, let me live, let me live.
o please hold me close and feel my breath
and tell me i am alive, i have survived
and the nightmare wont be back again.

i just want to hide in you and sleep in peace.

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