Saturday, November 27, 2010

term paper

Thoughts clog.
I am not sure
what to do
how to write
a line that she will like,
academic enough,
formal enough.

Maria Edgeworth
and gaping voids
in grounded knowledge.
A loyal daughter.
A mute bearer,
who did not marry
the only man she had
ever loved,
ever cared for,
from the bottom of her heart,
depths of her soul.

she had to have
a clogged heart
and a raging fire
that made her
be so loyal
too loyal
to her dad.

Nothing like a love
lost, battered, bruised,
wings clipped and smashed
against the walls.
Its love, its love,
that smells of a rose
and bleeds....

Maria, i will try
to decipher the wrath
you have so skilfully hidden.
But but but
the term paper thing,
it is so scary.

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