Friday, August 30, 2013

In Remembrance

Meri adhoori kahani
Lo daastaan ban gayi
Tu ne chhuya aj aise
Main kya se kya ban gayi

White pages and a long silence
Wrapped in a quiet deep wish,
A little prayer, and unspoken hymns 
Shyly pass your moulds of words
Through the shadows of countless
Heart broken, tired lanterns 
You light with a sooty flame
Like the kohl in my eyes.

Like whispers of white
Among the petals of a faint rose
I ask my heart if you do
Recall my image, in dusky fragments
And bursts of cloudy aspirations,
Like a long lost music, 
A half forgotten letter,
A missed heart beat.

In remembrance sudden and intense
Puddles of golden light
Accumulate at my eyes and unfold
A screen of tales, a hundren mischiefs untold.
I wish on the curling smokes of incense
May you live well and be happy
O Flier of blue kites.

A tear for you,
The purest gift 
In remembrance
Of times lost in dream

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