Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Every morning as you wake up
And hold me to your lips like
The first glass of awakening
Water --- I become your need.

You cuddle up with the pillow
One last time and in your thoughts
You look at me 
Like a deer looking at its fawn.
I become a tender drop of dew.

You smile and hold my face
In your palms, cupped into a chalice.
I melt like sunshine and
Become a golden winged dream.

You kiss my eyelids
I feel like the luckiest starlet
Fallen through miles of silent skies
Only reborn to be your love.

When you rest your cheek 
Against my velvety skin
And touch my dimple with those lips
I feel like a wisp of cloud.

I want to spread my wings
Among the bluest of the royal skies
And take you with me
Among the petals honeyed with care.

I want you to hold my hand
As I take us away on green extremes
Afloat across life
Like evening flowers in a rippling stream.

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