Monday, May 17, 2010

Cinderella at the ball

Under the huge glassy ceiling,
And the glittery lights all around
We would dance together.
The sparkling shades would smother
Your cloak and drench you
In perfect happiness.
We will dance together.

You look in my eyes
And i will look into yours,
And everything all around us
Shall melt away into nothingness.
Only the celestial music shall enwrap us
And me,your arms.
I put my eyes down and blush...

Oh, one dance before the clock strikes
One dance before i go.
One dance before i awaken,
One dance with movements slow.
Hold me in your arms
And stop the clock from chiming,
I want to be in charms
Of love, of you, of this moment...

One dance with you
That never shall be and never
Will i be enfolded.
not in this birth are we
meant to be together.
i look into youe eyes and
see the hidden smile that
shall twinkle on our lips
next time, next birth...

i shall wait for you under
a starry sky, and walk on blossoms red.
i will dream of you and wait
this life, till the day i'm dead.
one close hug, one pink kiss,
one dance under the sky,
i wish we were old enough,
old enough to die.

1 comment:

  1. One dance before i awake,
    One dance with moves go slow.
    And stop the clock from ticking, --> chiming is not rythmic...clock moves in a rhythm.