Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Soiled Princess

My words fell on your grasses of mirth

And showered your blessed being

My letters fell unaware on woven dreams

And mirrored a phantasmal seeing.

I wondered often, have you not a heart

That feels and drips all blue?

The air curled up and touched your breast

To hear heart throbs -- a clue.

I stood apart and a road flowed by,

All trams and buses askew,

You looked on and I looked on,

Those words in the dust just grew.

The tiara on my forehead shone

Like a diamond made of flowers

And I knew in your heart there were

A thousand venereal showers!

I asked the wind – does he want to be?

Can he leave all he fears?

The leaves whispered, it’s too late,

He needs all he bears.

Maybe next time my soiled princess?

Maybe just another while.

I left then with my tears of words

And my letters with a smile.

I travelled away, eight months and a day

Till I knew I’m all done.

I have not any music or poem,

From me, where shall I run?

I offer you my pen, my ink and thoughts

I offer you crushed joys and pain

Songs of summer and spring ballads

Songs of citizen rain.

I have my heart my reed my world

I have my words of God,

I have my pagan joys and bliss,

My sight, my ink, my word.

My love resides in Godly insights

My love resides in dew

I do not seek a material world

To live encased with you.

Your smogs and fogs of darkness bleak

Shall all shed away,

Come kiss your pen

And write again, all eight months and a day.

For happiness we seek to strive

For happiness all trouble unfurled.

For happiness shall lie our bond apart

From the glittering shimmering world.

The soiled princess knows you fear

To walk along even-in dreams,

Your mind is tied, a bona-fide to

The life licked in ice creams.


  1. vry nice! im sry i dnt hv othr gud wrds 2 compliment...

  2. thank you whoever you are.